How can we collaborate

 Through other organizations

For my end customers, it is beneficial when there is a third party involved in the Skärmavbild 2014-07-25 kl. 10.17.07assignment – especially if more consultants or consultants with another speciality should be needed. I am very proud of my close collaboration with Lorensbergs Organisationskonsulter AB and with Talarforum i Skandinavien AB. My most recent collaboration is with Outcome Consulting.

 Single assignment or long standing relationship

Both are appreciated. A long-standing collaboration often starts with a single assignment. talarforumIt takes time to work with the culture and relationships in a team. It takes only an hour to listen to an inspirational speech. All assignments are welcome.

My knowledge is available as workshops, trainings, speeches and coaching.I work in a facilitate way, which means that I do not tell, but I ask what the participants need. And then we start from there.

How does Beate Bjelke work


When participants get a chance to act – not only listen and watch, the outcome of the investment increases substantially. This is why Beate Bjelke prefers this mode of working with groups. In workshops, the experience, knowledge, needs and views of the participants is asked for and used. Workshops can have various purposes; analysing, identifying, initiating, planning, making decisions. In the context of expanding competency and learning, it is used to create awareness, to open up to change, to create understanding of others’ point of view and needs and of course to learn and train.


There is also value in inspiring speeches. Especially when the participants get a chance to ”bubble”, i.e. quickly discuss two and two the relevance and impact the speech has for them.


are literally ”trainings”. It is not sufficient to have intellectual knowledge about the topics that are my speciality. Practice is what matters.
In order to change behaviour, the whole person needs to be involved. One could compare an avocado to a person:

Photo: Kristina ( outer skin of the avocado equals the behaviour
the soft meat inside equals knowledge, skills and  emotions
the core is the values
In my work, I involve all of these levels, all these parts of a person.


I am a certified coach. A classic coaching process takes time.
People who are being coached, report that they experience great results –  EMCCalways increased self awareness – and clarity about their goals. It is necessary to meet face to face first, and then, later, it is possible to meet virtually, for example over Skype.

In workshops, training and even speeches, I mix various methods; Questions, discussions, role-plays, training and exercises with video recording and feedback – and, naturally, reflection.