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Training/Workshops – Speeches – Coaching/Sounding board

All over the world, people’s conditions vary, but their needs do not. The huge challenges in the world today, have to be solved in collaboration – a collaboration that creates even more engagement, know-how and will to improve.
My contribution is knowledge, inspiration, methods and training in various aspects of collaboration – so that focus can be turned to solving the problems at hand.
In my assignments, I practice the kind of collaboration I advocate.



sounding- Board

Communicating so that the initiative, engagement and energy of the co-workers grow
Working with teams in different locations
Values and identity
Group-/team- development
Meeting techniques/facilitation
Self Leadership
Leading change
Customer focus for everyone dealing with customers
Presentation skills – ffor everyone who informs, inspires, sells or trains
Cross cultural collaboration – for everyone who works with customers or colleagues from other cultures
Personal Development
The ABC of personal efficiency
Efficiency based on your strenghts
Stress Management
Handling emotions at work



The speeches are created on demand – sometimes even outside of my specialities in leadership, communication and personal development. Over the years, there have been quite a few – some of the most recent ones are:

  • ”Personal Efficiency”
  • ”Turbulent, Safe and Content in Times of Change?”
  • ”Motivation and Courage – finding Pleasure in my Work”
  • ”Communication Styles”
  • ”A Perfect Future?”
  • ”You are the Message”
  • ”Taking Care of your Customer”
  • ”Working in Teams”

Coaching/Sounding Board                                               EMCC

A classic coaching process takes time. The client always has a goal – or works with the coach to find it. One can work with different areas of life (work, career, private) and different challenges; a question, a difficult situation or a decision that needs to be made. I help the client find his/her own answers.

Sounding board for leaders
You can also “subscribe to a sounding board” – where you get the possibility to regularly discuss small or big issues regarding your role as a leader, or issues around co-workers or around developing the business.