Portrait Beate BjelkeWho is Beate Bjelke

I am a very experienced consultant who inspires and facilitates as a trainer, speaker and coach. My own company, Team Training International AB, gives the platform to work all over the world. My customers are most often other consultancies and the end customer are both big multinational conglomerates and single individuals.

Born I Norway, educated at the University of Oslo (a B.A. in the history of religions, pedagogy and English.) My career stared at Hartmark-IRAS, as a consultant and trainer, and thereafter at TMI – Time Manager International, Denmark. There, my main responsibility was at first the service training for Scandinavian Airlines, the “Putting People First”. I was product manager and responsible for training other trainers internationally.

During the time with TMI I learned to give also all the other leadership trainings that were developed there and I attended consultant trainings.
In 1985 I moved to Sweden and in 1990 started my company. Since then, I have worked as a supplier or subconsultant to several consultancies or training companies: Informator, Communicate i Mölndal and Lexicon. Today, the two most important affiliates are Lorensbergs Organisationskonsulter AB and Talarforum i Skandinavien AB.
I continue to work in different languages – Swedish, English, Danish and Norwegian.

All through my career, I have naturally learned new topics and skills – presenting, coaching, stress management, cross culture, leading change, self leadership, working virtually and facilitating learning as opposed to teaching. All of them are topics that are essential in leadership.

Today my main focus is on leadership and coaching. I see a great need for what I call ”Participative Leadership”. It is a set of values and skills that, when practiced, give space to competent so-workers to be engaged – while not leaving them all alone without leadership. You can order more information about this under “Contact”-button.

I am passionate about efficiency – personal efficiency, leadership efficiency and communicating effectively. I claim that efficiency is respect – that it is climate friendly, beautiful and fun!

Some figures:
33 years
as an international, full time consultant
in 13 countries
10 years
as a trainer of other trainers
trained 7000 people in service during the eithties
trained 2000 people in presentation skills.
trained more than 100 trainings in personal efficiency during the past 5 years
completed 192 assignments for Talarforum i Skandinavien AB
translated – not the language, but culturally, a training programme into 10 new countries/cultures
trained for 20 years throught Lexicon, Informator and Communicate i Mölndal
40 leadership trainings through Lorensbergs Organisationskonsulter AB (past 2 years)
I coach 24/7/365

I have worked with organizations, companies, authorities, networks, associations and single individuals in almost every line of business. Please ask for credentials.