Why collaborate with Beate Bjelke?

Results we can create together in your organization

Leaders who

  • use their resources to strengthen the energy and engagement of the co-workers and develop their competencies/capacity
  • “walk the talk” – i.e. practice the values of the organization
  • are role models for the co-workers
  • involve the co-workers in achieving new and more goals
  • lead change
  • have the courage to inspire others
  • see and understand what motivates others
  • encourage openness and transparency
  • are clear
  • work easily across geographical and national borders
  • involve and expect initiative and accountability from the co-workers


Co-workers who

  • have a healthy self-esteem and are positive to change
  • take responsibility for their motivation, stress level and health
  • embrace feed-back and are self aware
  • have self-confidence and excellent collaborative skills
  • who can convince, inspire, present
  • are efficient


why with Beate Bjelke? (Please check also  “Who”)

My customers claim that I have

  • An exceptional collaborative ability with all kinds of people
  • Very effective methods
  • Solid experience and broad knowledge